Mr. Ali bin Ghanem Al-Kuwari, President of the Qatar and West Asia Volleyball Association, himself Executive Zonal Vice President representing Western Zone and Member of the FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission, chaired the WAVA Board of Directors via video conference yesterday.

At the beginning of the meeting, Al-Kuwari welcomed the members of the Board of Directors. The agenda was adopted and the candidates of each of the representatives of the UAE, Mr Abdulaziz Al-Salman and the Kingdom of Bahrain Mr Habib Abdullah, were approved for membership in the Board of Directors.

The meeting also got the nod to get the working committees off the ground. They consist of  Competitions Committee, Beach Committee, Referees Committee, Training Committee, Development and Marketing Committee, Women’s Committee and Media Committee, while the honorary membership of the Referees Committee was approved for each of M/S. Jaafar Nassib (Bahrain), Abdullah Al-Khulaifi (Saudi Arabia), and Ibrahim Al-Nama’a (Qatar).

The West Asia Youth Volleyball Championship was approvd in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the period 22 -07 to 31-07-2022.