The Competitions Committee of the Qatar Volleyball Association announced the schedule of matches for the first section of the Senior Men`s league for the new sports season, which will start on November 6 and continue until December 7 , The Competitions Committee meeting headed by Yousef Ahmed Kanou "QVA" Secretary General in the presence of the members, Saeed Salem Al-Jamaani And Mubarak Eid Al-Abdullah, Mohammed Salem Al-Kuwari and Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Nama Head of the Referees Committee and Hussein Imam Technical expert , where the new amendments to the laws of the game were discussed during the meeting, as well as the adoption of the new ball (Mikasa V200W) for the categories of men`s, youth, juniors cubs for the new season.

The “QVA” has set the calendar for the new sports season for men’s competitions according to the International Volleyball Federation “FIVB”, whose competitions will be held from November 2 to April 30, where the first section of the Senior Mens league will be held during the period from November 6 to December 7, and the fourth national championship (First Section) during the period from 11 to 16 next December, and the second section matches of the Senior Men`s league during the period from December 21 to January 20 next, then the second section matches of the fourth national championship during the period from 23 to 30 January, while no date has been set for the start (Qatar Cup and Amir Cup) volleyball.