Al-Ahli team qualified for the final match of Qatar Cup, after its victory over Al-Arabi, by three sets of two games in the decisive match that took place between them yesterday evening at the QVA Hall, within the semi-finals of the tournament held without the presence of the masses, in order to ensure the safety of everyone.
Al-Ahli will meet in the final scheduled for next Friday with the Police team, which qualified at the expense of the Qatar S.C team after beating it back and forth in the same round.
The match was strong and exciting between the two teams and extended to 5 games, the results of which were / 17-25, 25-21, 23-25, 31-30, and 18-16 /.

The Qatar Volleyball Cup matches are held according to strict procedures by QVA , which stressed the need to adhere to the precautionary measures followed in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19), as all teams underwent a medical SWAP TEST.
The Qatar Volleyball Association also confirmed that entering the match hall is only permitted for players, technical and administrative staff, and workers accompanying the two teams who have undergone a medical examination for COVID-19, and the two teams must leave the playing hall within 15 minutes after the match ends.
It is noteworthy that this tournament will be held with the participation of the teams / Police, the Senior men`s league , Al-Ahli, second-placed, third-Arab, and fourth-Qatar.