The history of the Qatari Volleyball Association, a brief overview:

in the early 1960s, a committee of the Qatari Sports Federation, headed by the late Sheikh Suhaim Bin Hamad Al Thani, was established. However, it lasted only for few months. In 1961, the Sports Federation was re-established under the head of the late Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Minister of Education at that time. The Federation was responsible for issuing the rules and regulations which organize the sport and cultural clubs as well as the licenses of its establishment.Accordingly, in 1962, the Qatari Volleyball Associationwas formed to oversee the game.

After that, on 26/9/1964 the high sport committee, headed by the Minister of Education was formed and the Qatari Sports Federation was cancelled.

The existing clubs in such period, such as Al Tahrir, Al-Wehda, Al-Ahrar, Qatar, Al-Oroba, Al-Khoor, Al- Wakrah and Al- Najah participated in the volleyball activities

On 2/1/1979, the decree No.1 of 1979 was issued to form the Supreme Council for Youth Welfare under the head of His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the honest Crown Prince

On 14/3/1979 the honest Crown Prince issued a decision to form the Olympic committee, headed by His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al Thani, hence starting a new stage for the Qatari modern sport.

Generally, we can say that the development of volleyball in Qatar and the (above- mentioned) general sport development started with the establishment of  Youth Welfare Department affiliated to the Ministry of Education, then the decision of merging the clubs. Hence, issuing the decision of establishing the Supreme Council for Youth Welfare and the Qatari Civil Olympic Committee in the early of 1979, resulting in the establishment of the Qatari volleyball Association in its modern shape.

Accordingly, the phases of establishing the Qatari Volleyball Association began through its participations in the Gulf, Arab, Asian and international Federations as the following:

  • The establishment of the Qatari Volleyball Association in 1962.
  • Joined to the International Volleyball Federation in 1974.
  • Joined to the Arab Volleyball Association in 1975.
  • Joined to the Asian Volleyball Confederation in 1976.
  • Joined to the organizing committee of the Gulf Cooperation Council, previous (follow-up committee), in 1981.

The Qatari volleyball Association has witnessed number of Boards of Directors. The first and the second oneswere under the head of his excellency Mohammed Bin Hammam Al Abdullah, followed by the third and the fourth Board under the head of his Excellency Sheikh Saud Bin Ali Al Thani. After that, the Fifth Board was headed by Mr. Youssef Ahmed Al-Saai, while Dr. Abdullah Bin Youssouf Al Maal was the head of the sixth Board. The achievements after his period continued from 1991 until 2000, as the Volleyball Association witnessed many advances and general developments in such period.

On 18/ 12/2000, his Excellency Abdul Rahman Bin Abdullah bin Khaled Al Thani headed the tenth Board of Directors, hence continuing the achievements until 2003 when his Excellency Dr. Abdullah Bin Youssouf Al Maal re-headed the eleventh Board until 2008, then the assignment of the twelfth Board under the head of Mr. Khaled Ali Almoulawi until 2017.

In 2017, Mr. Ali Bin Ghanim Al-Kuwari (the current president) of the Qatari Volleyball Association was selected to be the head of the thirteenth Board, which achieved several successes and international championships resulting in the continuity of a successful career for the Qatari Volleyball in both local and international forums. The Asian Eliot Championship 2018 was achieved for the first time in the Qatari Volleyball History. In addition, through the years 2018 and 2019, the international classification of the beach volleyball reached to the ninth grade, then the eighth one from the total of 220 countries. Furthermore, the Association used to host international championships of beach volleyball like: the international Katara championship, four-star and the Asian Aspire championship for beach volleyball, rather than achieving Arab Championships for clubs and colored medals in the Asian clubs.

The current Board of Directors consists of members from distinguished volleyball or beach volleyball playersat the level of the clubs or national teams:

  • Ali Bin Ghanim Al- Kuwari, the chairman of the Board of Directors- Board member of both Asian and Arab Federation.
  • Youssouf Ahmed Kano, the Secretary- General, member of the Technical Committee in the Arab Association- member of the Organizing Committee of volleyball.
  • Said Salem Al Jama’ni, Assistant Secretary- General.
  • Mubark Eid Alabdullah, member of the Board of Directors- member of the committee of theactivities and the Asian sport events.
  • Mouhammed Salim Al Kuwari, member of the Board of Directors- member of the Asian beach volleyball committee.